Dr. Farshid Sefat

Farshid Sefat is a lecturer in Medical/Tissue Engineering at theUniversity of Bradford and previously was head of Biomedical Engineering Department at King Faisal University (Saudi Arabia) and also a Visiting Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology (New Jersey, USA). He completed his post doctorate research assistant at University of Sheffield (UK). He received his Ph.D. (2011) and BEng. (2005) degrees from University of Bradford (UK) both in Biomedical Engineering. He also obtained his MSc. (2006) in Biomedical Engineering (Cell and Tissue Engineering) from Keele University, (UK). His research is based on developing biomaterials to control cellular behaviour with particular emphasis in developing engineered materials for tissue engineering. His key areas of research interests are fabrication and characterisation of biodegradable scaffolds for periodontal regeneration as wellas electrospun nanofibers for dental applications.