Dr. Shariq Najeeb


  • BDS, University of Karachi, Pakistan: 2006 – 2010
  • MSc, School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield, UK: 2012 – 2013


  • International Association of Dental Research (IADR)
  • Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC)


  • Resident, General Dental Practice, Fatima Jinnah Dental College, Karachi, Pakistan (2010 – 2011)
  • Researcher – Tissue Regeneration and Biomaterials, Kroto Institute, Sheffield, UK (2012 – 2013)
  • Lecturer (Dental Materials, Dental Morphology), Course Director (Dental Materials), Clinical Instructor (Restorative Dentistry) Al-Farabi Dental College, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2014 – 2016)
  • Grant reviewer, National Science Center, Poland (2016)
  • Project reviewer, University of Sharjah (2016) 

Publication list:

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Vohra F, Rashid H, Hanif A, Ghani S, Najeeb S (2015); Trends in complete denture impressions in Pakistan, Journal of Ayub Medical College Abbottabad (link).